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Instructional designer and editor for the following courses offered by Oregon State University (OSU) Small Farms Program and OSU Professional and Continuing Education:

New! Growing and Saving Seed as a Farm Business. Guides you through the basic knowledge and skills needed to develop a successful seed production or seed saving enterprise on your farm. The course covers both the biological and farming aspects of producing, harvesting and storing seed.

New! Developing a Successful Agritourism Business in Oregon. This course will help you build an understanding of the multiple elements involved in setting up and managing a successful agritoursim enterprise.

New! Organic Nutrient Management for Vegetable Production. This in-depth course covers the key concepts, principles and practices of organic nutrient management. “Organic” is used in its broadest sense to indicate an ecological, whole-system approach to nutrient management.

Growing Farms: Successful Whole Farm Management. Series of six online modules focused on how to create and manage a successful farm/ranch business.

Ecological Strategies for Managing Insects on the Farm. In this course, farmers learn how to develop an ecologically-based integrated pest management plan for their farm.

Introduction to Pasture and Grazing Management. Guides landowners and managers through the basics of establishing and maintaining a productive pasture for livestock.

Lead developer for online course series with USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE). Three courses available at SARE National Continuing Education Program:

  • Sustainable Agriculture: Basic Principles and Concept Overview
  • Strategic Farm/Ranch Planning and Marketing
  • Agricultural Ecosystem Management

Publications: Print and Online

Whole Farm Management: From Start-Up to Sustainability. Storey Publishing (2019)

Developmental editor and co-author.

This comprehensive guide written by a team from the Small Farms Program at Oregon State University is designed to help aspiring and beginner farmers manage their farm business for lasting success.


Writer and/or editor on the following:

Educational Videos

Project coordinator with USDA SARE and Cooking Up A Story. Videos demonstrate innovative strategies developed with SARE support, showing how producers everywhere can boost profits, protect their land and water and revitalize communities.
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