New!  Whole Farm Management: From Start-Up to Sustainability. Storey Publishing (2019)

Developmental editor and co-author.

This comprehensive guide written by a team from the Small Farms Program at Oregon State University is designed to help aspiring and beginner farmers manage their farm business for lasting success.


eLearning / Online Courses

Instructional designer and editor for the following courses offered by Oregon State University (OSU) Small Farms Program and OSU Professional and Continuing Education:

Growing Farms: Successful Whole Farm Management. Series of six online modules focused on how to create and manage a successful farm/ranch business.

Ecological Strategies for Managing Insects on the Farm. In this course, farmers learn how to develop an ecologically-based integrated pest management plan for their farm.

Introduction to Pasture and Grazing Management. Guides landowners and managers through the basics of establishing and maintaining a productive pasture for livestock.

Know Your Costs to Grow: Costing and Decision-Making for Multi-Crop Vegetable Farmers. This course provides growers with the skills and tools they need to evaluate crop-specific costs of production, and shows them how to use that information to improve profitability. Available Fall 2020.

Lead developer for online course series with USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE). Three courses available at SARE National Continuing Education Program:

  • Sustainable Agriculture: Basic Principles and Concept Overview
  • Strategic Farm/Ranch Planning and Marketing
  • Agricultural Ecosystem Management

Educational Videos

Project coordinator with USDA SARE and Cooking Up A Story. Videos demonstrate innovative strategies developed with SARE support, showing how producers everywhere can boost profits, protect their land and water and revitalize communities.
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Publications: Print and Online

Writer and/or editor on the following: