DEC Education Services provides a range of services to help advance your organization’s educational and outreach goals.


DEC Education Services can help you develop high quality online courses and learning modules. We will work with you to set learning objectives and outcomes, and identify online learning strategies that best match the needs of your audience and students. We are flexible in providing any level of assistance our clients need in writing and developing course content.

Curriculum and Instructional Design

Successful educational and outreach programs are based on clearly defined goals, objectives, and strategies: DEC Education Services can help you create and manage a curriculum planning process that provides that foundation. Our instructional design expertise can be applied to a variety of educational settings, from classroom instruction and business training to informal community outreach programs.

Publications and Educational Materials

DEC Education Services can assist you with the development of publications and other types of educational and outreach materials. Our services include publication planning, developmental editing, background research, and writing and editing. We can also help you coordinate the design and production aspects of your project for both electronic and print publishing.